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How can you build self-sufficiency with Farm Animals? 

Save time and money by knowing what farm animals will provide the greatest self-sufficiency for you and your family. 

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What's Included In This Challenge

5 Amazing Worksheets to help you choose the perfect farm animals.

Farm Fresh Recipes to Develop Self-Sufficiency

Access to Private Facebook Group for Accountability

Meet Your Instructor

Amy Arthur

With 15 years of farming and homesteading experience and a passion for farm animals, Amy will help you make the right farm animal decisions. No need to purchase animals just because they are cute. You will learn which animals are best for self-sufficiency and can earn you money on the farm. 

Amy has a passion for utilizing animal products in the kitchen. From eggs to dairy to meat. She has 15 years of experience using modern kitchen equipment to prepare traditional recipes to save you time in the kitchen. 

Amy loves all animals and has found a way to balance loving animals and learning when they will be utilized as food. She gives animals the best life possible while they live on the farm. And you can too!

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Here's Why You Will Love This Email Challenge

This Challenge Will Increase Your utilization of animal products

You will learn to utilize all the farm fresh products such as eggs, milk, meat in your kitchen to feed your family without becoming overwhelmed. You will receive recipes and preservation tips. 

Learn to balance your love for animals with your animal buying decisions.

You love animals. You have a romantic vision of all sorts of animals free ranging around your homestead. This is an unrealistic idea! 

Animals are a lot of work and many things can go wrong. From the chickens getting into your garden or neighbors flowerbed and destroying it to calves getting sick. 

I will teach you how to find balance on the homestead to prevent overwhelming yourself. You can have many animals, but I will teach you how to take it slow and go in with your eyes wide open of both the advantages AND disadvantages of owning each animal. 

These animals also need to earn their keep. Having animals may be a hobby for you, but why not choose animals that will also feed your family and even make you some money! You will learn not only the cost of keeping animals, but also the money making potential of each animal. 

Are You Ready to live your Best Farm Life?

Start by finding Joy and Peace

with your farm animals!

It just takes 5 days to take charge of your animal buying decisions, to learn what animals create a self-sufficient lifestyle without creating overwhelm.  And here is you opportunity with a FREE guided challenge and an ever encouraging support group. Join the challenge today!

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